I’m participating in the international CSR competition Citizen Act

Most of my energy these days goes to the project me and Ruxi and Nona(a.k.a Colorama) are creating for the international CSR Competition Societe Generale Citizen Act.

So Citizen Act is an international competition, for which we had to create a CSR program for “The bank of tomorrow”.  Colorama is one of the 55 teams that were selected for the second phase of the competition out of around 180 teams from all over the world, and one of the 3 romanian teams.

I didn’t even got the time to tell you how great was our stay in pAris at the game’s opening meeting on February 18 and 19. 2 days are not enough for pAris, no need to tell you that 🙂

And 2 days weren’t enough at all to hear all the for-sure-inspiring stories of all the boys and girls gathered there.

But it was enough to have that strong feeling again..the feeling that young people with enthusiasm can make great things happen.

So we came back home energized! And here is our project in short:

Please visit our wikiblog and tell us what do you think about the idea.

We are truly interested in your feedback, as we will be constantly improving the idea in these 2 weeks left as to end up in a ready-to-implement project.

And don’t forget: there is a great chance that in future years you will benefit from the project created by us today.

Thank you, friends!

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